Seldens Design Services

Here at Seldens Designer Home Furnishings we are so much more than just a “furniture store”, we specialize in the details. So if you are looking to start from scratch, refresh a room, change color palettes, or just find inspiration Seldens is your destination. Working with a designer is a lot of fun and it can save you a ton of money and headache. When … Continue reading Seldens Design Services

Seldens Designer Home Furnishings Celebrates 75 years

In 1940, Seldens was founded by Sydney Selden in Downtown Tacoma as a floor coverings company. Through wartime, and economic ups and downs, Seldens has been able to grow with the changing needs of local residents and has become a full-service home furnishings retailer. “I remember coming to the store as a child, I have fond memories of running around the vast showroom space,” said … Continue reading Seldens Designer Home Furnishings Celebrates 75 years

Seldens Works with Tory Jones from Treehouse Masters

We all know Tory Jones from her incredible work on Animal Planet, and Seldens Designer Home Furnishings was lucky enough to get to work with her again on a special project! We are going to give you a little glimpse into how Tory was able to tie different elements together with an overall Pirate theme. Going overboard on one theme can make your home or … Continue reading Seldens Works with Tory Jones from Treehouse Masters

Only An Idea Away

With the recent unveiling of our new identity, we’re introduced our tagline “Only an Idea Away”. This is the philosophy we live by at Seldens. Everyone deserves the home they’ve always dreamed of and we’ve always dreamed of making that possible. All you need to begin the process is an idea. We’re proud to present an assortment of designer furniture brands to suit a range … Continue reading Only An Idea Away

Our New Identity Takes Flight

Have you noticed some changes? We’ve been making improvements and we’re pleased to share the end result with our community. While our logo is new, the ideas behind it are traditional. We created our new image from pieces of Seldens’ history, including the Selden’s family crest. Not certain if the species of bird on the crest was a duck, goose, or swan, we retained its … Continue reading Our New Identity Takes Flight

Blinded by the Flash

I’ve heard many concerns regarding flash-sale websites. These websites offer limited time deals on big ticket items like furniture. I have seen the evolution of these sites and based on my experience in the industry, I believe that there is much to be concerned about regarding the quality and investment of purchasing furniture through these channels. At Selden’s, we pride ourselves on our commitment to … Continue reading Blinded by the Flash