Winterize Your Outdoor Furniture in 5 Easy Steps!

Extend the life of your outdoor furniture by following the 5 easy steps below. Leaving your furniture out in the natural elements during the winter season will significantly shorten its life span. The rain (especially here in Seattle), wind, freezing temperatures, and even snow will take a toll on your outdoor furnishings. Follow the simple steps below and extend the life of your outdoor furniture, … Continue reading Winterize Your Outdoor Furniture in 5 Easy Steps!

8 Easy Daily Things To Do To Keep Your Home Clean

There are quite a few things in your home that are simple enough to do everyday that they wont take too much time or energy, but if you do them, it will greatly improve the feel of the organization in your home. Little things will build up into greater messes the more they are ignored. So if you start off each day with easy routines, … Continue reading 8 Easy Daily Things To Do To Keep Your Home Clean

Outdoor Furniture Care & Cleaning

We have been giving you all of the latest on outdoor furniture lately, but we haven’t given you the proper care and maintenance needed to make sure those pieces are lasting a long time! Outdoor furniture is different from indoor furniture mainly because of what it is made out of. The material is more weather resistant and usually (but not always) more stain resistant. But … Continue reading Outdoor Furniture Care & Cleaning

Home Organization Made Simple

When the New Year comes, it gives people the sense of a fresh start. The chance to make a whole year better than the last is a great feeling. While most people make resolutions to lose weight, eat better, get more sleep, or save more money, we think you should also make a goal to keep your house more organized. When everything is in its … Continue reading Home Organization Made Simple

Cleaning and Care of Your Furniture

Holiday parties are the best parties there are. The food is better, gift giving and receiving is usually a plus, and the drinks are usually better. But with all of these great benefits of a Holiday party comes the inevitable stains and spills on your carpet and furniture. It’s funny how your uncle just has a thing for spilling as much red wine as he … Continue reading Cleaning and Care of Your Furniture