Celebrating Grandparents Day!

This Sunday, September 11th is Grandparents Day. We wanted to celebrate all the grandparents out there who play such an important role in the development of a grandchild. As every grandparent knows, one of the joys of grandchildren is you get to spoil them and then send them home. Why not surprise the grand kids with some fun games next time they come to visit. … Continue reading Celebrating Grandparents Day!

8 Beautiful Ways to Spend Your 8 Hours

Our guest blogger today is Seldens Interior Designer:  Lori Broznowski Where to catch those 8 hours, or even 20 minutes?  Here are few tantalizing pieces that invite you to relax, repose, and drift away…… The Swingrest, by Dedon, is the epitome of inviting when it comes to places to snooze.  Although this model comes ready to hang from your nearest giant tree, it is also … Continue reading 8 Beautiful Ways to Spend Your 8 Hours

The GREAT Outdoors: NW Style

Our guest blogger today is Selden’s Interior Designer:  Lori Broznowski Summers in the Northwest … Dare I brag and say, they are, hands down, the best anywhere?  Yes! Summers in the NW are absolutely GREAT! We need furnishings that live up to the extreme beauty of this region. Here are some of my Outdoor favorites. The new collection “MBRACE” from Dedon. This chair, designed by … Continue reading The GREAT Outdoors: NW Style

What is Mid-Century Modern?

Time and time again the look of Mid-Century Modern furniture finds its way back into our lives. What makes MCM furniture special is its simplicity, clarity of form and the ability to never go out of style. Mid-Century Modern design was introduced from roughly 1933 to 1965. Think of the show Mad Men, the TV series is a living picture of the original Mid-Century Modern … Continue reading What is Mid-Century Modern?

Brand Highlight: Tommy Bahama Home Ocean Club

  Who wouldn’t want to feel like they are walking into an island resort every time they step into their home? The Ocean Club Collection from Tommy Bahama perfectly balances an island vibe while maintaining the relaxing comforts of home. The soft blues mixed in with the natural materials such as woven rattan, bamboo, travertine, and etched sea glass, really give this furniture a relaxed … Continue reading Brand Highlight: Tommy Bahama Home Ocean Club

A Modern Living Room Creation

The next room design we are going to explore is a Modern Room design. It can be similar to a contemporary design, but only because of what type of décor is popular right now. Modern Design can be described in two words, bright and bold. Ultra minimalist shaped furniture, straight lines, open airy floor plans, and often bright colors, make up a modern room. A … Continue reading A Modern Living Room Creation

Creating A Traditional Bedroom Masterpiece

A traditional room design typically is cozy and relaxing. It contains curved woodwork, sturdy furniture, and usually a richer color tone. Elegant fabrics, fringe accents, and molding are just some of the examples of the fine details that usually go in to a traditional room design. People have always gravitated toward this look because it seems while other themes and looks come and go, traditional … Continue reading Creating A Traditional Bedroom Masterpiece

Update: Our New Bellevue Store

After months and months of planning and preparation, we will finally open the doors to the new Seldens Designer Home Furnishings in Bellevue, WA this Saturday August 8th. You can read about our project and see the history behind purchasing Masins Furniture and how this all came to be here. As you can expect, everything is not 100% done. We still need to change out … Continue reading Update: Our New Bellevue Store

Need To Know Furniture Terms

Furniture shopping can be stressful but it can also be really fun. One thing that can make it confusing or hard is not knowing the “technical” terms of certain furniture or items. There are some that are used more often than others but I am going to give you a list of the ones you should know. Hopefully it will help you communicate with your … Continue reading Need To Know Furniture Terms

How To Decorate Your Outdoor Space

Picking the right patio or outdoor furniture for your home can be as important as picking furniture for inside your home. Just because its outside, doesn’t mean the same interior design rules don’t apply. During the summer months, you can end up spending a lot of time out there, and you want it to be comfortable. For some reason, probably due to the larger open … Continue reading How To Decorate Your Outdoor Space