Desinger Showcase: Beach House Living

Recently one of our designers was asked to help a customer decorate her home into a relaxing beach paradise. Jill Julum put together this masterpiece in our Presentation Room. Take a look! The key to creating a room that you love is not make everything comepletely match. Grab difference pieces made by different manufacturers and combine modern and traditional pieces. This rug from our Seldens … Continue reading Desinger Showcase: Beach House Living

How To Pick The Right Cocktail Table

Your cocktail table is important in your living room. It quickly becomes a multipurpose piece that needs to be picked out with a purpose. It’s a foot rest, a table for eating, and sometimes even a work bench. With so many shapes and sizes to pick from today it becomes overwhelming to choose which is right for your living room. This is the ultimate guide … Continue reading How To Pick The Right Cocktail Table

Trend Watch: Farmhouse Kitchen

One of my favorite looks right now is a Farmhouse kitchen. Majority of people’s time together is spent in the kitchen, so having a laid back and relaxing atmosphere is great for making people feel welcome. With the natural distressed look of a lot of Farmhouse décor, it’s great to hold up with young kids around. Little bangs and scratches become not so noticeable. Start … Continue reading Trend Watch: Farmhouse Kitchen

Vanilla! Yummy or Blah?

Summer is officially here and that means even warmer weather and brighter colors. How are you handling the heat? Do you go Bold or calm… How about timeless? Seldens Area Rug – Gelato inspired collection may just be what your soul is craving for. I like to use the sunshine as my inspiration, go bold with a pop of color to satisfy my vigorous cravings … Continue reading Vanilla! Yummy or Blah?

Designer Showcase: Contemporary Design With A Country Vibe

This presentation room set up was done by our ever so talented Bonnie Stromberg. Bonnie’s customer wanted a country vibe with a contemporary feel and she hit that perfectly. The studded Bernhardt sofa and chair are rustic yet sophisticated. They really are the attention grabbing pieces of the room. This family of four needed something functional but also more mature now that the kids are … Continue reading Designer Showcase: Contemporary Design With A Country Vibe

U.S. Open Inspiration: Country Club Theme

The 2015 US Open is here! It is creating quite an excitement in our little area of the Puget Sound at Chambers Bay. There is a certain aspect to the romance and art of the golf world. If you have ever been in a country club, you will rarely see a modern design to the place and décor. Golf and everything surrounding it encompass traditional … Continue reading U.S. Open Inspiration: Country Club Theme

11 Common Interior Design Mistakes

Here are 11 mistakes that people often make when decorating their home, that you should try to avoid! 1. Over accessorizing 2. Using even numbers with decor. (Odd always looks best) 3. Matching everything 4. Placing furniture up against the wall 5. Leaving shelves empty 6. Choosing too small of a rug “floating rug” 7. Forgetting windows. (curtains complete any room) 8. Too many decorative … Continue reading 11 Common Interior Design Mistakes

Designer Showcase: Melony Pederson

This set up currently in our presentation room was done by our awesome designer Melony Pederson. It is the perfect balance between traditional and spunk. The natural browns and wood tones make the room feel cozy and inviting, while the bright colors of the pillows and rug make it fun and unique. Using bold colors like red can be tricky, but Melony played it off … Continue reading Designer Showcase: Melony Pederson

8 Easy Daily Things To Do To Keep Your Home Clean

There are quite a few things in your home that are simple enough to do everyday that they wont take too much time or energy, but if you do them, it will greatly improve the feel of the organization in your home. Little things will build up into greater messes the more they are ignored. So if you start off each day with easy routines, … Continue reading 8 Easy Daily Things To Do To Keep Your Home Clean

How To: Decorate With Bright Colors

So you like bright colors, but you don’t want to decorate your house with them and have it turn out looking like a kid’s birthday party. We have good news, there are a lot of great ways to use bright colors in your home without going overboard! Stick to same color palette- Go for one color and use different shades of it. This is a … Continue reading How To: Decorate With Bright Colors