Seasonal Inspiration- Winter Frost

Sure we North-westerners complain about the weather. But, part of the reason we love this place is because of the sometimes dramatic, sometimes wonderful and sometimes terrible changes of season. It’s January, our month of short days, dark nights, and winter frost. So, in honor of Winter Frost, a few designer finds in keeping with the season: The Zanadoo chandelier from Arteriors Home! Spikes of … Continue reading Seasonal Inspiration- Winter Frost

Brand Spotlight: Caracole

Caracole by definition means a slow, turning movement. To the Caracole Furniture Company it means, a turn in a new direction. In October of 2009 they launched this furniture with the idea to set themselves apart from the rest. The focus was a furnishings line that was playful, has personality, and maintained quality construction. The makers of Caracole do not want to be tied down … Continue reading Brand Spotlight: Caracole

Pantone 2015 Fall Colors

Every year, The Pantone Color Institue releases the color of the year as well as seasonal color trends. These color trends are used in clothing fashion, graphic design, home decor, furniture, and so much more. Pantone is a well established institution that has been the go to color expert for many years. Check out their 2015 Fall Colors and see what we have on our … Continue reading Pantone 2015 Fall Colors

A Modern Living Room Creation

The next room design we are going to explore is a Modern Room design. It can be similar to a contemporary design, but only because of what type of décor is popular right now. Modern Design can be described in two words, bright and bold. Ultra minimalist shaped furniture, straight lines, open airy floor plans, and often bright colors, make up a modern room. A … Continue reading A Modern Living Room Creation

Creating A Traditional Bedroom Masterpiece

A traditional room design typically is cozy and relaxing. It contains curved woodwork, sturdy furniture, and usually a richer color tone. Elegant fabrics, fringe accents, and molding are just some of the examples of the fine details that usually go in to a traditional room design. People have always gravitated toward this look because it seems while other themes and looks come and go, traditional … Continue reading Creating A Traditional Bedroom Masterpiece

Update: Our New Bellevue Store

After months and months of planning and preparation, we will finally open the doors to the new Seldens Designer Home Furnishings in Bellevue, WA this Saturday August 8th. You can read about our project and see the history behind purchasing Masins Furniture and how this all came to be here. As you can expect, everything is not 100% done. We still need to change out … Continue reading Update: Our New Bellevue Store

Need To Know Furniture Terms

Furniture shopping can be stressful but it can also be really fun. One thing that can make it confusing or hard is not knowing the “technical” terms of certain furniture or items. There are some that are used more often than others but I am going to give you a list of the ones you should know. Hopefully it will help you communicate with your … Continue reading Need To Know Furniture Terms

Desinger Showcase: Beach House Living

Recently one of our designers was asked to help a customer decorate her home into a relaxing beach paradise. Jill Julum put together this masterpiece in our Presentation Room. Take a look! The key to creating a room that you love is not make everything comepletely match. Grab difference pieces made by different manufacturers and combine modern and traditional pieces. This rug from our Seldens … Continue reading Desinger Showcase: Beach House Living

How To Pick The Right Cocktail Table

Your cocktail table is important in your living room. It quickly becomes a multipurpose piece that needs to be picked out with a purpose. It’s a foot rest, a table for eating, and sometimes even a work bench. With so many shapes and sizes to pick from today it becomes overwhelming to choose which is right for your living room. This is the ultimate guide … Continue reading How To Pick The Right Cocktail Table

Trend Watch: Farmhouse Kitchen

One of my favorite looks right now is a Farmhouse kitchen. Majority of people’s time together is spent in the kitchen, so having a laid back and relaxing atmosphere is great for making people feel welcome. With the natural distressed look of a lot of Farmhouse décor, it’s great to hold up with young kids around. Little bangs and scratches become not so noticeable. Start … Continue reading Trend Watch: Farmhouse Kitchen