What is Mid-Century Modern?

Time and time again the look of Mid-Century Modern furniture finds its way back into our lives. What makes MCM furniture special is its simplicity, clarity of form and the ability to never go out of style. Mid-Century Modern design was introduced from roughly 1933 to 1965. Think of the show Mad Men, the TV series is a living picture of the original Mid-Century Modern … Continue reading What is Mid-Century Modern?

Oscars 2016 Best Dressed; Furniture Inspiration

All eyes were on the 2016 Oscar Awards this past Sunday. Throughout the years red carpet fashion has overshadowed the actual award ceremony. We were so inspired by the Huffington Posts’ best dressed list that we wanted to show you some furniture inspired by the beautiful gowns. Take a look and see if your favorite is on our list!   What was your favorite look … Continue reading Oscars 2016 Best Dressed; Furniture Inspiration

Brand Spotlight: American Leather®

In 1990 American Leather® Founder/CEO Bob Duncan had an innovative idea: create custom leather furniture that could be made and shipped in 3 weeks or less, that is three times faster than the industry average. Starting from a small four person shop, American Leather® has now grown to over 130 different locations and is sold in over 650 stores. American Leather® takes pride in knowing … Continue reading Brand Spotlight: American Leather®

Seasonal Inspiration- Winter Frost

Sure we North-westerners complain about the weather. But, part of the reason we love this place is because of the sometimes dramatic, sometimes wonderful and sometimes terrible changes of season. It’s January, our month of short days, dark nights, and winter frost. So, in honor of Winter Frost, a few designer finds in keeping with the season: The Zanadoo chandelier from Arteriors Home! Spikes of … Continue reading Seasonal Inspiration- Winter Frost

Pink Furniture For Breast Cancer Awareness Month: 6 Rooms That Will Make You Want To Redecorate

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to promote continued awareness and prevention of the disease. We thought we would do our part in spreading awareness by bringing it to our blog! When you think of pink furniture and décor in your home, you may think of Barbie dolls, and ballerina slippers, things for a little girl, but not any longer! Pink can … Continue reading Pink Furniture For Breast Cancer Awareness Month: 6 Rooms That Will Make You Want To Redecorate

9 Fabulous Accent Chairs For Every Style

When buying living room furniture, there is always the option to buy a matching set. An identical sofa, love seat, and chair, are ready to go and you know they look good together, so why wouldn’t you buy them? We are going to dare you to go bold and break the usual habit of shoppers. Find a fun and funky accent chair to add come … Continue reading 9 Fabulous Accent Chairs For Every Style

Flexsteel Furniture Is Officially At Seldens!

This past month we have been tearing down walls (Bernhardt Interiors Gallery coming soon!), painting, rearranging, and bringing our great new products to the floor! Flexsteel has its own 4,000 Sq. Ft. display in our Sleep Gallery here in Tacoma. We are so excited to offer this product to our customers not only for its quality, but also for its unique features that you are … Continue reading Flexsteel Furniture Is Officially At Seldens!

Need To Know Furniture Terms

Furniture shopping can be stressful but it can also be really fun. One thing that can make it confusing or hard is not knowing the “technical” terms of certain furniture or items. There are some that are used more often than others but I am going to give you a list of the ones you should know. Hopefully it will help you communicate with your … Continue reading Need To Know Furniture Terms

What To Bring When Furniture Shopping

   There is nothing worse than shopping for furniture and trying to guess what matches with your home and guessing what fits where. You can make the process so much more easier if you are prepared.  There are a few things you should bring with you when furniture shopping to make it go smoother for yourself or for your designer.     1) Blue Prints or … Continue reading What To Bring When Furniture Shopping