21 Mirrors That Make a Statement

Mirrors are usually an afterthought for people when they are decorating a room. Often times when decorating a wall or counter space a mirror isn’t what pops into someone’s head to add as art. Here at Seldens we love mirrors and the boldness they can create in a room. There is so much diversity among mirrors it’s almost unbelievable. Mirrors serve both a décor and … Continue reading 21 Mirrors That Make a Statement

Decorative Hardware Pieces

Phew we made it through Monday! Creative handles and knobs in your home give character to spaces you didn’t think possible. Some people either overlook the hardware in their home, or they completely disregard a piece because they don’t like the handles it. In reality, hardware is one of the most simple things to change out and can make such a bold difference. We have … Continue reading Decorative Hardware Pieces

Bring Home the Gold!

Metallics have been rising in popularity over the past few years as interior designers find creative ways to make a room sparkle and shine. Metallics give a touch of elegance and sophistication and can be expressed in a variety of pieces. To inspire you to go for the gold, we’ve put together a few of our favorite metallic gold pieces. Henry Link Rangoon Chair Lexington’s … Continue reading Bring Home the Gold!