Home Organization Made Simple

When the New Year comes, it gives people the sense of a fresh start. The chance to make a whole year better than the last is a great feeling. While most people make resolutions to lose weight, eat better, get more sleep, or save more money, we think you should also make a goal to keep your house more organized. When everything is in its … Continue reading Home Organization Made Simple

Our New Identity Takes Flight

Have you noticed some changes? We’ve been making improvements and we’re pleased to share the end result with our community. While our logo is new, the ideas behind it are traditional. We created our new image from pieces of Seldens’ history, including the Selden’s family crest. Not certain if the species of bird on the crest was a duck, goose, or swan, we retained its … Continue reading Our New Identity Takes Flight

Blinded by the Flash

I’ve heard many concerns regarding flash-sale websites. These websites offer limited time deals on big ticket items like furniture. I have seen the evolution of these sites and based on my experience in the industry, I believe that there is much to be concerned about regarding the quality and investment of purchasing furniture through these channels. At Selden’s, we pride ourselves on our commitment to … Continue reading Blinded by the Flash