The GREAT Outdoors: NW Style

Our guest blogger today is Selden’s Interior Designer:  Lori Broznowski Summers in the Northwest … Dare I brag and say, they are, hands down, the best anywhere?  Yes! Summers in the NW are absolutely GREAT! We need furnishings that live up to the extreme beauty of this region. Here are some of my Outdoor favorites. The new collection “MBRACE” from Dedon. This chair, designed by … Continue reading The GREAT Outdoors: NW Style

Summer Essentials: Outdoor Dining

Spring . . . the season of new beginnings. With the winter cold weather subsiding and spring bringing warmer weather it’s the perfect time to start dining outside. Somehow food tastes better eating in the great outdoors even if your meal is prepared inside.  Good food, fresh air and gathering with friends and family. What could be better? Having a great outdoor dining set up … Continue reading Summer Essentials: Outdoor Dining

Summer Essentials: Outdoor Conversation Seating

The warm weather is here and there’s no better time to spring into summer and move your living space outside. With a wide choice of textures, fabrics, shapes and sizes you can create an outdoor seating area that is uniquely you. Do you like to entertain? Graduation parties and summer weddings are right around the corner and you’ll need some extra seating. Whatever patio set … Continue reading Summer Essentials: Outdoor Conversation Seating

Summer Essentials: Fire Pits

Warm up your summer evening with a beautiful and inviting fire pit. Northwest summers are fantastic but when the sun goes down we want to cozy up to a little heat. There’s nothing like sitting around a fire with friends and family and sharing stories. Fire pits aren’t just for heat and ambiance we can use them as tables to entertain or eat a meal. … Continue reading Summer Essentials: Fire Pits

Winterize Your Outdoor Furniture in 5 Easy Steps!

Extend the life of your outdoor furniture by following the 5 easy steps below. Leaving your furniture out in the natural elements during the winter season will significantly shorten its life span. The rain (especially here in Seattle), wind, freezing temperatures, and even snow will take a toll on your outdoor furnishings. Follow the simple steps below and extend the life of your outdoor furniture, … Continue reading Winterize Your Outdoor Furniture in 5 Easy Steps!

How To Decorate Your Outdoor Space

Picking the right patio or outdoor furniture for your home can be as important as picking furniture for inside your home. Just because its outside, doesn’t mean the same interior design rules don’t apply. During the summer months, you can end up spending a lot of time out there, and you want it to be comfortable. For some reason, probably due to the larger open … Continue reading How To Decorate Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor Furniture Care & Cleaning

We have been giving you all of the latest on outdoor furniture lately, but we haven’t given you the proper care and maintenance needed to make sure those pieces are lasting a long time! Outdoor furniture is different from indoor furniture mainly because of what it is made out of. The material is more weather resistant and usually (but not always) more stain resistant. But … Continue reading Outdoor Furniture Care & Cleaning

2015 Outdoor Furniture Trends

If you’re like us here in Washington, summer weather shows up late and it appears out of nowhere. Our typical days right now until about June consist of rain, and then little breaks in-between with some sun. Since our warm weather creeps up on us, and spring is officially here, I figured I would help get you started on some inspiration for your outdoor furniture. … Continue reading 2015 Outdoor Furniture Trends