Seldens Works with Tory Jones from Treehouse Masters


We all know Tory Jones from her incredible work on Animal Planet, and Seldens Designer Home Furnishings was lucky enough to get to work with her again on a special project! We are going to give you a little glimpse into how Tory was able to tie different elements together with an overall Pirate theme. Going overboard on one theme can make your home or room look like a 5 year old’s birthday party. Tory worked her magic by bringing in elements to create a sophisticated yet clear vision on the pirate theme. Let’s take a look at just how Tory pulled it all together with a little help from her blog.



In order to balance out her theme, Tory used a coastal feel to create a more relaxed look. Through anchors, and old style boat steering wheels, she really brought the sea to life! She used this chair pictured from our store and paired it with a marine colored pillow.


In order to calm down the Pirate theme a bit, Tory used a Zen like quality to balance her décor. In the Pacific Northwest we have the right make up for this décor to happen. Our natural finishes and large supply of wood helps make it Zen-like. The project was designed with the rule of 3 which we love to suggest as a decorating tip. Where an odd number of items is better than and even number. We also loved the clean and straight lines she used like with this red stair décor piece from our store.


For all of the fun and unique décor, Tory went to local antique shops and found just the right pieces. We feel as though the vibrant colored jewels, glassware, and the combination of the metal accent table from our store really play up an Asian inspired design.

We love working with Tory and seeing her visions come together so creatively. Our episode aired on Friday February 21st, so if you missed it check out their website here to see when it will be on again!

Pirate_12Happy Decorating 🙂

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