The Power of an Upholstered Headboard


In college I moved houses every year, my furniture was replaceable, and truthfully I didn’t really care what my room looked like, so I did not have any kind of headboard. Let me just point out though, that was COLLEGE. If you are an adult and you are no longer living with 4 roommates and going to school, you should never not have a headboard.
The headboard is the focal part of a bedroom and more often than not should be the first piece you choose for the room to pick out all of the other pieces. As noted in another blog, a tall headboard can doing amazing things for a small room. If you have an average size room, a headboard automatically brings in class and sophistication. When it comes to choosing headboards, I personally say the bigger the better and that is why I favor upholstered headboards (Plus they are a more comfortable to lean against when you are laying in bed).
I have put together some of my favorite upholstered headboards for you below! Feel free to check them out and click their links to see where they just might come from.








Happy Decorating 🙂

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