Graduation: A Day To Celebrate

Graduation day is one of life’s landmark moments and a day worth celebrating. Whether you have recently graduated college or your child’s high school graduation is just a few weeks away, celebrating the graduate’s hard work is important.

We’ve found some great desserts, decorations and outdoor game ideas that are sure to make your graduation party a big hit!

Sweet treats at a party are always well received by any age group. Below are some of our favorite graduation sweet treats.

Graduation Cap Chocolates:



Diploma Cookies:


Graduation Diploma Cupcakes:


Need some outdoor activity ideas? Here are 2 games you can make yourself.




Bean Bag Toss

Looking for creative decorations? Check these out:



Want even more ideas? Check out our Pinterest “Graduation 2016” board.

And to all the graduates, we wish you every success in your future endeavors!

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