Trend Watch: Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen

One of my favorite looks right now is a Farmhouse kitchen. Majority of people’s time together is spent in the kitchen, so having a laid back and relaxing atmosphere is great for making people feel welcome. With the natural distressed look of a lot of Farmhouse décor, it’s great to hold up with young kids around. Little bangs and scratches become not so noticeable.

Start with your dining table. There are beautiful farmhouse looking tables out there like you wouldn’t believe. Let this be the focal point of the room.

Always try to get in a great big farm kitchen sink. LOVE those things, they are easy to clean and hold lots of dishes! They are perfect for this look.

Add little pops of color around so it doesn’t get too dull. It could be colored chairs, colored cabinets, or even colored floor mats.

Another great detail to add is big rustic hanging lights over the dining table or island. These add so much to the room.

Think re-claimed wood often. It is a staple to creating a kitchen to actually feel like a farm.

Would you ever want to to this in your home? Leave us a comment!

Happy Decorating 🙂

Dining Table & Chairs: Lexington

Blue Vase Decor: Uttermost

Area Rug: Mafi International

Blue Distressed Clock: Hobby Lobby

Hanging lights: Uttermost

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