Update: Our New Bellevue Store


After months and months of planning and preparation, we will finally open the doors to the new Seldens Designer Home Furnishings in Bellevue, WA this Saturday August 8th. You can read about our project and see the history behind purchasing Masins Furniture and how this all came to be here.


As you can expect, everything is not 100% done. We still need to change out some signs, open up our Sleep Gallery that is going in there, and overall just get the natural flow down of how things will run.
Our employees have been hard at work both from the Tacoma store and the Bellevue store. Long days and nights (especially with our huge $10,000,000 Sell-off going on in Tacoma right now) have been all too familiar lately but we are so excited to be doing it!

Naps on the commute between Tacoma and Bellevue.


The merchandise in the Bellevue store is so unique and brings a very different feel to the Bellevue/ Seattle market that we think people have been looking for. The community in this Bellevue area has been so warm and inviting and we are thrilled to be in the area.



A little look at the method to our madness!
Sneak Peek!

So if you have been curious, or you are in need of furniture, stop by the store Saturday and do a little shopping! We are so excited for customers to see the place, we can hardly stand it!
Start looking for those big burgundy trucks in Bellevue more often!

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