The Commandments of Interior Design

Even though every room is unique and has a different theme, designers do have a set of guidelines to follow for how all the parts are tied in together so perfectly. We have brought you that list of 20 rules to follow!

Interior DesignInterior Design
1. Never put a round dining table in a long rectangular shape room, and vice versa.
2. Not all furniture needs to be against the wall. Its more inviting to have space for some pieces even if it’s just a few inches.
3. Always use odd numbers. It is more visually appealing to the eye when décor is not in pairs.
4. Every room should have a focal point. One larger or detailed piece of furniture should have everything else evolve around it.
5. Don’t have a flying carpet. A rug should be large enough so that every piece of furniture can touch it. (See our post on rugs)
6. Never exactly match the color of your wall to a color in one of your fabrics. You want a more dulled out color version for the wall.
7. Never use more than 6 pillows on a bed. Too many decorative pillows with your regular pillows looks chaotic.
8. Always use end tables with a sofa. It will always eventually be needed even if you think it wont.
9. Wall art and paintings should have a color that compliments your upholstery.
10. Feel like your room is missing something? Use mirrors, they can bring in light, fill up space, and also be a major art focal piece in the room depending on what it looks like.

Interior Design
11. Mis-Match your seating at least slightly. Having a sofa and two chairs in the exact same fabric has a very dulling effect on a room.
12. Don’t forget your ceiling. You can do so many amazing things to a ceiling when most forget about it. There is crown molding, wall paper, or even just some paint.
13. Always think about the flow of your room. Make sure large furniture is lined up so that doorways or walkways are not being interrupted.
14. Add lighting to a small room. Dark colors and minimal lighting make a room feel dreary.
15. Add a bench at the foot of your bed.
16. Hanging curtains makes a room feel completed. Just shades unfortunately does not do the trick.
17. Don’t match a bold fabric in one room with the exact same fabric in a different room in your home. That pattern will be the only thing people can think about in your house then.
18. When hanging picture on the wall, always put at least 2” to 2.5” between each picture.
19. Choose the furniture before the paint. Matching pieces to wall paint then the other way around.
20. The ultimate rule: “Have nothing in your house that you don’t believe to be useful or beautiful.” –William Morris

Interior Design

What are some rules that you always follow when decorating a room?

Interior Design

Happy Decorating! 🙂

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