How To Decorate a Large Room

Decorating a large space can be very difficult. With the wrong placement of furniture and décor, this space can feel empty and give off the feel of an art gallery. Everyone wants their home to feel “homey” and comfortable. I am going to give you some pointers to use when furnishing and decorating your large space that will help it flow how you want it.



Don’t touch the walls.
Avoid pushing furniture up against the walls. This is what makes a room feel awkward. Having the major pieces brought in to the center of the room is ideal.



In a large room, lighter and neutral colors tend to be a better choice for a color pallet. A dark and large room can get very uncomfortable very fast. Bringing in natural light with windows and light colors gives a more refreshing tone to the room. If your theme of the room is mainly whites, try to bring in pops of fun color here and there. Don’t forget that in a large room, one large overhead light usually is not enough, especially at night. Look for fun and unique lamps for the room, the larger size allows for more creativity in lighting.



Pull in a focus point
In these large rooms, a large object or piece should become the “center” focus of the room to draw the eyes in. Use a large sectional, a large dining table, a large rug, or something that can make a statement. With this, smaller pieces can be tucked in around the large pieces without having to worry as much about visuals. (LARGE L SHAPED SECTIONAL)



Room height
If your room has very high ceilings, try to get furniture that is larger in height. The scale looks odd if you have low furniture. If your room has shorter or average height ceilings, go for furniture that is average to lower height. Play in to the structure of your room.

Make more than one room
Although it is on big area, maybe it can have multiple purposes. Divide to separate lounging areas. You can define the spaces with opposite looks in each section or simply placing something like a day bed or a console for behind the sofa, in the middle for a room divider. The separation should not be completely obvious, but more subtle, it can be referred to as “Visually dividing”.



Fill a space with seating
Don’t throw random chairs where you feel like you need to put something. Arrange a space that’s empty into a little seating section. Put two chairs and a little table in between them for another spot, and that way it won’t look thrown together.



Decorating a large space can seem overwhelming because there is that much more work required to make it look right. Just try to follow these guidelines as well as sticking to the same theme and patterns throughout the room. Making sure everything matches is key to not making the space look random. It all needs to blend.
Comment and let us know any tricks you have used in a large room!
Happy Decorating! 🙂

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